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With an increase in courses claiming that they’re the best self-development courses in the industry, it is difficult to find a proper product for the same. Even I was one of the victims of such claims. 

Over the last few years, I wasn’t able to give 100% on the work, not only in the professional job but also in the personal works. That’s when one of my friends suggested some self-development courses. I started noticing positive results in the early days and was very happy until I felt the same feeling coming back within 2 months of completing the course. In fact, this time the feeling was much worse. 

However, one day while browsing through such courses, I came across Steve G. Jones Total Money Magnetism and there was something special about it. I felt so connected after watching this video. Don’t believe me? Watch it for yourself. 

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Total Money Magnetism taught me different ways to condition my mind using effective techniques and principles, which in turn helped me generate wealth effectively. 

You might be thinking ‘Ah! No, you’re lying’. How can a personal development product make you successful in terms of money? Let me tell you about my personal experience with this course in a detailed manner. 

Total Money Magnetism Review

Why choose Total Money Magnetism?

Created by a renowned hypnotherapist and personal development guru Steve G. Jones, Total Money Magnetism revolves around the concept of rewiring the brain in such a way that it brought me success in terms of money. 

It offered me step by step instructions to harness my mind via effective hypnotherapy techniques and principles that no other course provided. No matter if you don’t have a degree or are broke, this course will take you through the fundamentals step by step. 

As a hypnotherapist, Steve has put his years of experience into this book to instill the thoughts and beliefs of billionaires into you. With this, Total Money Magnetism helped me understand my ability to think and act like a millionaire and how to make the best use of it. 


According to me, Total Money Magnetism is a practical guide that explains success principles, wealth attraction, and performance development in a simplified manner. 

Basic Principles of Total Money Magnetism

Steve G. Jones believes that you can achieve anything in life once you set your mind. This means that if you focus on any particular aspect of life properly be it love, financial freedom, or even health, you are more likely to achieve it without breaking confidence in yourself. 

According to Steve, if others can do it, so can you. However, if you haven’t generated a lot of wealth already, you might be heading in the wrong direction. 

Total Money Magnetism not only helps you move towards the right direction, but it also helps you put mind over situations enabling you to work effectively even in the worst circumstances.  

Within the first few days of downloading the course, it helped me unlock the hidden potentials of my mind. After a few days of reading, I understood things that seemed impossible to achieve depends on the amount of dedication I put towards it.

Believe me or not, within the first 3 months of completing this course, I was able to bag a job that I was trying for months if not years. Additionally, I also started making passive income with the help of the video “3 fastest ways to earn online” by Mark Ling that comes along with Total Money Magnetism.  

There’s a saying that “you cannot buy everything with money” but I believe that “you can solve any problem if you have money” and this personal development product has been the best investment I ever made. I was able to solve all the financial problems I had since I graduated from college. 

What can you expect when buying Total Money Magnetism?

This self-development program comes in the form of a book with 152 pages. In this book you will learn the following:

  • How to get rid of toxic and self-harming thoughts forever?
  • The perfect way to change your mind in a way that attracts wealth
  • 10 secret success principles of billionaires
  • How to get the best out of the 10 secrets?
  • The best way to get the most out of neuroscience
  • Comprehensive amplification of the 5 fundamentals of Ultimate Magnetism
  • Understand how hypnosis work
  • How you can use hypnosis to accomplish your wealth goals?
  • Different ways to build a relationship with people and how to use it for your advantage (i.e. building wealth)

When you download Total Money Magnetism you will get various components including:

  • A digital copy of the book Total Money Magnetism
  • The millionaire’s mindset video along with lots of interviews with real-life millionaires (who read Total Money Magnetism). This will help you stay motivated and will instill the thoughts of success in your mind.
  • Self-help hypnosis mp3s from Steve G. Jones. This mp3s are designed especially to work in association with the Total Money Magnetism in order to bring you financial independence
  • 3 “Platinum Sessions” with Steve (Bonus – Limited offer). These sessions are focused on improving your chances of success and will teach you the common mistakes millionaires did, so you can avoid it and generate wealth without any hassle. 
  • “3 Fastest Ways To Make Money Online” video course. This video is created by Mark Ling, one of the successful Internet Marketers and a multi-millionaire that focuses solely on achieving success in the digital world. 
  • The “Stop Procrastination” video that talks about how you can get rid of procrastinating nature and unleash your creative nature that has been held for so long. 
  • Once you’ve purchased Total Money Magnetism, you will receive a one-month free subscription to an Amazing Self personal development course. This course will help you become the best version of yourself (physically, mentally, and emotionally). 

I have attached a graphical representation of what I mentioned above. 

graphical representation

Why is this the Best Self-Development Course?

There are certain things that make this course the best in the market such as:

High-quality Product: When you download an eBook or purchase a hard copy that has low-quality papers or font style that is hard to understand (in case of eBook), it takes away the interest in the book. However, Total Money Magnetism is published by Unica Publications who is known for producing high-quality digital information products. Also, the mp3s and videos in the course are of amazing quality.  

Insightful: Total Money Magnetism provides various hypnotherapy techniques for achieving wealth and financial success. In fact, a lot of people like me have started earning an enormous amount of money after downloading the course. 

Fairly Priced: With all the things that the course offers (videos, mp3s, and eBook), I think $47 is a reasonable price for these types of products. In fact, the other course that I purchased earlier (Power of Conversational Hypnosis) cost me $177 (on discount). 

No Questions Asked Refund: Yes, you read that right. If you don’t feel satisfied with the product, you can ask for a refund within 60 days of purchasing the course. You just need to send an email to the support address, and they will initiate the refund (100%) within a few days. 


Continuous Updates: This is not like other courses that are made once and sold for years. Total Money Magnetism is updated every few months based on the latest trends. This ensures that you will receive improvements over time.  

According to me, there are other advantages of Total Money Magnetism as well such as: 

  • Enhances Brain
  • An engaging and informative learning experience
  • One-time payment, lifetime access
  • Lots of real-life interviews

Are there any negatives in Total Money Magnetism?

No hard copy available: The course is only available in digital formats. If you’re someone who doesn’t like eBooks, then sorry but right now you cannot purchase the hard copy of Total Money Magnetism. 

It doesn’t help until you put your own efforts: Just like any other self-improvement product, you need to put a lot of effort. Your success will depend on your dedication to it. 

The verdict of the Product

Now that I have mentioned what I felt about Total Money Magnetism, it’s time to talk about will it work for you? To be honest, it all depends on you. What your goals are? And, the amount of efforts you put. If your aim is to achieve financial freedom and become rich, then it is the best course you can buy. However, the course doesn’t make you rich overnight neither it makes you pump as much money as you want. It simply rewires your brain to achieve the success it wants. 

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