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There are more than 4200 religions in the world. Every religion and region have their own cultures and customs. But, do you know what every culture, every religion, and every region have in common? They all believe in marriages. 

Marriage is the biggest commitment one can ever make because it is not only about two people but it is also about two families. However, 50% of all marriages in the United States end up in divorce or separation. 

Besides, couples know it is not working out between them long before they decide to separate. Many couples prefer couple counseling and psychiatric therapy to try and work it out between them. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. 

That’s where “Mend the Marriage” comes into the rescue. No counseling, no therapy, just some clear tips to reconstruct the connection with your partner methodically and clearly. But, before I move forward, let me be very clear, marriages cannot be fixed overnight and this program doesn’t promise it either. So, if you’re looking for some magic pills that will solve all the problems between you and your partner then I’m sorry to say that this guide is not for you. 

Mend the Marriage

Nicknamed “Divorce Geek”, Brad Browning, the author of Mend the Marriage is a marriage coach who has been counseling couples for many years now. He has made his whole career fixing relationships which indicates he is good at what he does. He not only understands how marriages work, but he also understands why they fail. 

Read on to know why to Mend the Marriage is the best marriage counseling course out there. 

• Mend the Marriage

Mend the Marriage: A Brief Overview

Mend Marriage is a guide that explains various methods and procedures that will help you stabilize your relationship. Brad has considered the sentimental attachments of the marriage while explaining how easy it is to stay happily married forever. 

Because Brad has dealt with a lot of couples in his career, he knows all the types of problems that might lead to separation and hence his book will not only help you with the current marriage problems but will also help you in dealing with future issues. 

What does it teach?

Mend the Marriage focuses on two basic principles. 

  • Marriage Murdering Mistakes
  • Ways to fix the mistakes

The reason it focuses on understanding the mistakes more is that, the better you understand the problem between you two, the easier it is to sort it out. 

Let’s start with three common mistakes that increase the differences between partners. 

Marriage Mistakes

  • Communication doesn’t solve the problems, at least in most cases

Yes, I agree, Communication is the key to successful relationships. In fact, most marriage counselors try to talk the way between couples. But, take it this way. You talk to your partner about something, you both have a difference of opinion, and then suddenly the problem that seemed small is now the reason for a fight between you two. 

Did it help you improve your relationship? Hell, No! In fact, at times when we start arguing, we start saying things that we don’t even mean just to win the argument. And, in the process, we say things to our partners that hurt them the most. The sad part about humans, we remember more bad things said to us than the good ones. 

No, Brad is not telling you to stop talking with your partner. He just wants you to know how it goes when couples in a marriage are not happy with each other. 

  • Thinking you cannot save your marriage alone

If you think you need your loving partner to save your marriage, then you’re wrong. Someone needs to take that first step, right? Expecting your partner to do that is not correct, morally. When you take the first step, it will change his/her perception of you on a psychological and subconscious level. 


Take it this way, there’s a specific thing you hate about your partner and when s/he takes the first step towards changing the very thing you don’t like, how would you feel? Feel loved? Feel respected? Feel valued? Yeah, that’s how your partner will feel when you take the first step. 

Having counseled, hundreds of couples, Brad surely knows the power of trying to save the marriage alone. 

  • Blabbering about your marriage problems

Well, it’s human nature to keep reminding ourselves and our partners that we have a certain problem and we need to solve it, but, no one has ever saved their marriage by constantly reminding their partner about their marriage problems. 

Bringing out the problems every time, just amplifies them. And, the more you talk about the problems, the worse it gets. Ask yourself this, how many times can you listen to a problem without getting irritated? 

The constant upbringing of problems will simply fill your partner with negative emotions about you. I’m sure you don’t want that. Instead, you can try talking about some of the good times you both spent together. 

You’ll understand more about these mistakes when you read the book. 

Ways to fix the mistakes

Mend the Marriage is all about saving your marriage. In order to that, you need to fix all the mistakes that might lead to separation. 

Brad teaches you how you can use the “Immediate Impact Actions” technique to change your partner’s perception of you. It will also teach how you can fill a positive image of yours on your partner’s mind and remove all the negative ones. 


It helps you understand why emotions are more important in marriage than logic and reason. You know, we do a lot of things for our partners that we won’t otherwise. After all, love is all about feelings and emotions. 

Lastly, Brad tells you about his “Big 6 Bond Builders” that will ensure that you two never separate. 

The best part? Brad not only teaches you various ways to make things better between you and your partner but he also talks about the benefits and drawbacks of each method. 

What’s better than knowing both the pros and cons of each method? So, you know which one to use and why? 

How is it better than any other marriage counseling course?

Being a relationship counselor himself, Brad has seen a lot of cases with constant domestic violence, conflicts, and differences and keeping all these things in mind, he created this program. Let’s have a look at the reasons as to why I’m claiming that Mend the Marriage is the best marriage counseling course out there. 

  • Helps in dealing with present as well as future problems

The course not only focuses on how to deal with the ongoing marriage problems but also focuses on future marriage problems as well. Brad has also explained how you can lead a happy married life forever. 

  • Actually Works

 There are a lot of real people who saved their marriage after going through Mend the Marriage program. I have attached a screenshot of the same. 

Actually Works

  • Contains various solutions

There are various lessons in the course and you get to choose the one that suits your needs the best. Brad has explained the pros and cons of all the solutions so you get a better idea of what can happen when you try a certain solution.

  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Yes, you read that right. Brad is so confident about his program that he is offering a 60-day money-back guarantee (no questions asked) if this program doesn’t help you save your marriage. 

What do you get when you buy the course?

As mentioned above, Mend the Marriage is a guide that provides step by step instructions to save your marriage. Here’s a complete list of what you will be getting if you buy this program. 

  • Video courses: These videos explain the things you should do immediately in order to save your marriage. Start your course by watching these videos. 
  • Mend the Marriage eBook: This eBook focuses on solving divorce. 
  • Audio Edition: Just like the video and eBook, the audio edition solely focuses on saving your marriage and solving disputes between you and your partner. 
  • Infidelity Survival Guide (Bonus): This guide solely focuses on tackling the affair problem. 
  • Children and Divorce eBook (Bonus): You have to accept the fact that divorce affects children more than their parents. In this guide, you will learn how to shelter your children from the problems between you and your partner.
  • The Money Matters Guide: Financial situations is one of the most common reasons for disputes between couples. In this guide, you will learn how to deal with money fights you and your partner have. 

Money Matters Guide

What could have been better?

When it comes to fixing marital issues, Mend the Marriage is the best counseling course in the market. However, there are a few things that you should know before buying this course. 

Too many lessons: As the course tries to solve every marriage going through difficulties, you might feel a lot of lessons are not for you. If Brad could divide this course into smaller versions that focus on only one problem, that will save a lot of time. 

Requires a lot of time and dedication: In order to get the desired results, you need to put a lot of effort into it. 

Final Thoughts – Is it worth buying?

Apart from a few things mentioned above, Mend the Marriage is perfect for saving marriages and stopping divorce. And, there are a lot of couples who actually saved their marriage after completing this course. So yeah, this is worth buying. 

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