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Are you fed up of buying new batteries every now and then? Well, so was I until my friend recommended me the EZ Battery Reconditioning course

He tried this course himself and reconditioned his 15-year-old car’s battery. In fact, he also brought his dead inverter battery to life with the help of the EZ Battery Reconditioning course. 

I got curious, went back home, and visited their website. The website read, “Bring Old Batteries Back To Life Again, save money, and earn a nice profit.” Until now, I did not know such a thing existed!


I then called my friend and asked him a quite a few questions like how much time would it take to recondition old batteries? Was it safe? How much could I save over time? And a lot of other questions. I’m sure you also have some questions just like me that you want answers to. Read on to know how I benefited from this course.

The eBook describes everything you need to know about batteries including how it works and how to fix it in a simplified manner. You don’t need to have any prior knowledge about batteries as the course is very descriptive and offers reasonable steps and directions to make your batteries work like new again.

With the money I saved by reconditioning my own batteries, I bought a few more old batteries from a garage, reconditioned them, and sold them to make profits. It takes around an hour to bring back dead batteries to life again, so I never had to compromise with my day-to-day work to earn some extra money. 

The reason I’m writing this review is that I came across a lot of rumors about EZ Battery Reconditioning being a scam. Having used it myself, I will uncover the real truth behind the course. 


What is EZ Battery Reconditioning all about?

As the name claims, EZ Battery Reconditioning aims to teach you how to recondition your battery so that it can work like new again. Even if you have zero knowledge of batteries, you can easily understand the context in the program. Here, you will find step-by-step instructions to recondition your old batteries. 

It even teaches you how to determine if the battery has died using a multimeter and whether it can be reconditioned or not.  

You will not only save money but you can also make money by properly reconditioning old batteries and selling them to make profits, just like I did (pun intended). 

In fact, when you purchase the course you will find a guide named “How to start battery business at home?” along with the Battery Reconditioning tips. This guide will take you through all the details of battery business. The guide also mentions where you can get old batteries for free along with different ways to sell them at a higher price after reconditioning them. 

Frank, the author of the guide “How to start battery business at Home?” claims that you can even sell old batteries for thousands of dollars after bringing them back to life. 

Well, I haven’t started a battery business (I already have an established business), but I do sell a few batteries every month at a higher price for some side income. The highest price I have ever received for a reconditioned battery was $949. 

EZ Battery Reconditioning

Yes, you read $949 right! This is the reason I’m telling you that EZ Battery Reconditioning is not a scam. Now comes the biggest question, who wrote the course? How did they come up with this idea? Let’s get to know more about this.

Who are the Authors? 

After browsing a bit on the Internet and the EZ Battery Reconditioning official website, I was able to find out a few things about the two guys who created this amazing course. Their names are Tom Ericson and Frank Thomson. 

Tom and Frank both collectively refer to themselves as “battery reconditioning experts”. However, on the pages, Frank is referred to as “The Battery Man”. 

Tom used to work at a golf cart company as an employee and Frank, a battery mechanic, used to collect dead batteries at the company at a much cheaper price. 

One day out of curiosity, Tom asked Frank why he bought dead batteries and whether they were useful. Frank then told him how he refurbished the dead batteries and sold  them for good money. 

Tom then asked him if he was interested in doing business together, after which they both wrote a book together called “EZ Battery Reconditioning”. 

However, there is very limited information about both Tom and Frank. In fact, there is no picture of Frank. You will only get to see who Tom is when you visit the EZ Battery Reconditioning support page (his photo is right below). 

battery type

What will you learn after reading the guide?

Tom and Frank have explained Battery Reconditioning in such a manner that even the most technically-handicapped person can bring back dead batteries to life. The 21 chapters in this guide will take you through everything you need to know about batteries including how they work, how to determine if they are dead and how to recondition the old ones. 

For a seamless experience, there are a lot of illustrations and diagrams that help you grasp the concepts easily. The thing I liked the most about EZ Battery Reconditioning is that they also provide steps to start earning profits by reconditioning the batteries. 

Another best thing about the course is the guide is not limited to car batteries. It also talks about rechargeable batteries such as laptop batteries. 

I learned a lot about the various types of batteries such as car batteries, inverter batteries, and rechargeable batteries. I learned about how they are different from each other, and how to increase their lifespan. The guide also mentions about the required safety equipment to refurbish the battery without letting the harmful chemicals affect you. 

Why Choose EZ Battery Reconditioning?

Now that you know what you will learn when you purchase this course, let’s get to know the benefits of choosing EZ Battery Reconditioning. 

  1. Helps save money: We all have at least two batteries lying around in our home. With step-by-step instructions, you can easily refurbish them and avoid buying new batteries. I have saved around $1450 in a year by refurbishing old batteries. 
  1. Extremely Environment-Friendly: According to Everyday Green, Americans alone dispose of more than 3 billion batteries each year. Imagine the level of irreparable harm it does to the environment. Recycling batteries is the best way to keep the environment clean and safe. 
  1. Insightful Course: Having a good knowledge of batteries always comes in handy. Imagine yourself stuck in the middle of a highway because your car’s batteries are dead. You can always keep the required equipment in your car so that you can refurbish the dead batteries anytime to get out of the situation.  
  1. Teaches you to identify dead batteries: There are times when the battery is discharged. You can’t really tell the difference until you know how to check it. EZ Battery Reconditioning guide takes you through the basics of a battery. And apart from helping you understand the difference between discharged and dead batteries, it also helps you identify whether the battery can be revived or not. 
  1. 60 Day Money-back Guarantee: Not satisfied with the course because the methods mentioned in the program didn’t work? Don’t worry, your money is safe. You can ask for a full refund within 60 days of the purchase. 

Is there any reason not to choose EZ Battery Reconditioning? 

Overall, the course is amazing and there’s no reason for you to not buy the course. However, here are some reasons you should know before purchasing the EZ Battery Reconditioning course:

  1. No Video Content: Personally, I feel video content is more engaging and easier to understand when compared to reading. And, if you prefer videos over reading just like me, then I’m sorry because you will have to compromise here. 
  2. Requires a lot of dedication: Though the process is easy and simple, even a small mistake can prove costly. In some cases, the batteries become non-revivable. You need to make sure you’re following the mentioned steps properly. 
  3. Safety Issues: Though the guide consists of a list of safety equipment, you need to take extra care from your side as the batteries contain hazardous materials such as lead and acid. 

Final Thoughts

Yes, EZ Battery Reconditioning really works. It’s always better to refurbish your old batteries and save money that you would have otherwise spent on buying new batteries. 


However, if you have already started dreaming of building a battery business, then let me tell you it’s not that easy. In fact, you might not even reach your earning expectations. It’s only good for a side income. So, don’t waste any more time and try it for yourself. 

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