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Reading is a really important skill and when you start reading you learn new things. And, the fact that younger minds catch things easily should be the primary reason for you to start teaching your kids early.

Teaching kids to read at an early age is very important for their mental, social, and educational development. When you teach your kid to read at an early age, they not only start speaking properly but they eventually do good in their academics. Additionally, it will also broaden their cognitive thinking capacity.

But, the most common problem when it comes to teaching small kids is that they don’t listen every time. And the fact that most parents do a job, which gives them less time to teach their kids.

That’s why Jim Yang created a course called “Children Reading Learning”. This course contains short lessons that have the potential to hold the attention span of a small child and yet effective enough to teach your child to read.

Children Learning Reading Review


Keeping the fact that both parents work to run the house, Jim has kept the lessons short from 5 to 15 minutes a day. So, you can teach your kid to read easily after you’re back home and 15 minutes a day is what even the busiest parents can’t spare for their kids.

Everything you need to know about Children Learning Reading

Children Learning Reading is a unique program that not only teaches kids how to learn, but it also teaches parents how to teach their kids.

Children Learning Reading

It will boost your child’s reading capability in just a few days. Believe me or not, it is known to make kids fluent in reading in 12 weeks. However, this number may differ depending on how much effort you put from your side while teaching your kid. 

This course is divided into two categories which are further divided into 50 short lessons. This program focuses on phonics and phenomes teaching methods to make sure that kids learn even the smallest thing they read or hear. After all, it is all about understanding the things you read and not just read it to forget later. 

How does it work?

Jim Yang created this program to teach his own children to read. As mentioned above, he used phonics and phonemes to help kids learn reading and understand what they read. Now let me start with what phonics and phonemes are.


The phonics method is a way of teaching kids to read by linking sounds and the symbols so they can differentiate two similar-sounding words. It helps them understand the relationship between letters and alphabets. For example, your children will be able to understand how to separate the word “SEE” and “SEA”. 


The smallest units of sound are considered as Phonemes. When combined with phonics, it will not only help your kids grasp everything they read, but it will also help them speak properly. 

Did you know there are 44 Phonemes and more than 1700 ways of combining and pronouncing them?

Phonics and Phonemes together can help kids understand the way a word is written and spoken. This way kids can easily pick up new and tough words. 

Children Learning Reading Review3

An overview of what you will be teaching your kids

This program is the best fit for children between the age range of 2.5 and 7. You will be teaching your kids the following. 

  • Letters: both capital and small 
  • Letter sounds: both capital and small 
  • Combination of letter sounds to read whole words
  • Separate sounds to break down a word into its separate phonemes (useful when learning how to spell difficult words)
  • Common words which your child is more likely to come across and the ones that are exceptions to basic phonetic rules
  • Different ways to read: starting from small words, going up to sentences and eventually full stories meant for kids. 

Now that you know what you will be teaching your kid, you would probably be wanting to know how you will teach. Am I right? Well, Children Learning Reading will present the information in the following way. 

  • Booklets with detailed lesson plans, and reading material (provided in digital form of the book)
  • Videos that explain how you can use the lessons to teach your children
  • Audio recordings explaining how to pronounce words correctly and each phoneme separately along with a variety of examples

Why this is the best learning program for your kid?

When I say the best, I mean “THE BEST”. Let me tell you why. I myself have tried 4 learning programs to teach my 5-year-old kid before I got my hand into Children Learning Reading. 

Children Learning Reading Review5


Well, there are a lot of reasons as to why this is the best learning program and if I start talking about it all, you will probably be spending your whole day reading out the blog post. So, I have curated the top 3 reasons as to why this program is worth all the money.

Short and Engaging Lessons

Kids can’t learn what they don’t enjoy. And, the first rule of teaching something to a kid is to teach them in a way that they enjoy. The short yet engaging lessons are focused on child’s mental development in a way that they can understand and speak tough words easily. 

Doesn’t take much of your time

Yeah, I get it. You both work and you barely get time to spend quality time with your kids and teaching them might be like telling you to stop enjoying your life with your kids and work 24/7. But, with Children Learning Reading you will need to spend only 5 to 15 minutes a day and your kid will be a fluent reader within 12 weeks. However, the result may vary from kid to kid. 

This is a digital program

I don’t know if you have noticed it or not, but today’s kids are more tech-savvy than us. There are times when my child teaches me how to run a program like a pro. You can run the program on your phone and engage your children in learning something that will help them throughout their lives. 

Other Benefits of Children Learning Reading

Well, that’s not it. I have mentioned why it is the best learning program but there are other benefits as well that can’t be ignored. 

  • Lessons are easy to follow and offer a systematic learning system
  • Enhances the thought elevator system
  • The program contains audios and videos along with the eBook for better assistance
  • Highly-affordable and you get value for your money
  • Comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee (no questions asked)

Is there any drawback of this program?

The only drawback I could think of is that most of the part of the program runs when you’re online. So, if you live somewhere where the internet connection is poor, then sorry my friend this program is not for you. 

Final Thoughts – Should you be buying it?

Long answer short, yes, it is completely worth buying. The methods used in the book are scientifically proven to help kids learn and what could be better than a book along with audio and video materials that have all the scientifically proven methods in one place?

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