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Those of us who’ve grown up reading the likes of Enid Blyton, Tom Sawyer, and Huckleberry Finn would agree with me – reading is such a beautiful hobby. And it is acquired, more like instilled into the tiny tots, from a very early age. The primary challenge today –how to get these little minds attracted to the beauty of reading when televisions and mobile phones lure them like magnets? This is where Jim Yang’s Children Learning Reading program comes of use.

What is the Children Learning Reading Program?

Children Learning Reading

I happened to come across this program when I realized that a child should grow a habit of reading from its early stage and like all other parents I am facing the same challenge for my two-year-old. The challenge is How to get her off from TV and mobile? and the answer is reading. A friend of mine, also a mother of two, referred this program to me, boasting of its numerous benefits – a boost to the child’s mental development, children learning to read and speak faster – to mention a few.

And it wasn’t just she saying this, I could see the results myself in her three-year-old, which were pretty evident and astounding, I must say. Not only did she speak clearly and fluently, but she could read a full storybook all by herself, without the help of her mom! Now I was interested and I asked my friend to tell me more. This is what I learned.

Jim’s program is basically a comprehensive step-by-step approach to training a child boost their reading skills in just a few days. The program intends to achieve this through phonics and phonemic teaching methods, which help enhance the child’s fluency in a speech in just 12 weeks.

When I enrolled my daughter into this online program, I was quite impressed by the approach. The whole program is classified into two categories, further split up into 50 short lessons. My daughter started from understanding alphabets, and slowly started speaking full phrases, then forming sentences, and now she can sing rhymes and read out stories, all at the age of 2!

You can also watch the official video by Jim Yang on his YouTube Channel to understand Children Learning Reading Program in detail.

How does the Program Work?

Jim’s program is designed for children of all age groups; however, its results have been proven most efficient in children between 2-3 years. The program is intended to boost a child’s thought elevator system, encouraging them to think, understand, and respond in different situations accordingly. The short stories have all been designed to achieve this.

The best part I liked about this whole curriculum was that it helped my kid start speaking properly. Until now, she could understand all that we spoke but wasn’t able to express it in clear speech. The program helped her pick up speech fluency skills and this is what I’m very happy about. This is how the program makes this possible –

  1. Use of phonics – This is the primary technique devised to enhance a child’s comprehension and reading skills. Until I took this program for my child, even though I’d just heard of its benefits from other moms. But I got a chance to closely see its results with my own daughter. Within weeks, she was able to read every word in her favorite fairy tale nighttime book! Now she doesn’t even ask me to read out her favorite nighttime story; she can do it herself and fall asleep on her own!So this is how phonics works – it helped my kid understand the association between two alphabets as well as the difference in each of their sounds when pronounced individually and collectively in a word. So when your child becomes capable of differentiating letters one from another and the associated vowels, he/she can quickly recognize words through the sounds they make and learn to speak clearly, faster, and even with greater confidence!
  2. Phonemes – This is the smallest unit of sound. When combined, it makes a word that creates meaning – a great way to train young minds to read. The English language comprises 26 alphabets, 44 phonemes, and more than 1700 ways of putting them together and pronouncing them!So with the help of both these techniques, Jim’s Children Learning Reading program helped my daughter understand the core of both written and spoken words. Now it was easy for her to recognize and speak confidently. What’s more, with everyday practice, she could pick up newer words without great difficulty and keep surprising us at the dinner table.Another great thing about the program is that it takes into account that not every child at the age of 2 or 3 likes to pick up a book, let alone read. So it addresses all the fears a parent would have with regard to their children by following a systematic approach to learning and leaving nothing to guesswork.The lessons are short, engaging, and interactive so that even the disinterested lots are bound to get drawn immediately. Plus, they’re online, a kid’s favorite place these days. Moving colorful images and pleasant sounds attract them in a jiffy.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Children Learning Reading Program

Children Learning Reading Program

There are PDFs, audios, and videos – all of which immediately draw kids’ attention – and my daughter loved the whole format. She’d spend hours in front of the laptop, learning letters, nursery rhymes, and fairy tales, and I must admit, I had no issues this time. Quite the opposite, I was extremely happy at the progress she was making by the day.

For all those interested, I’ve tried to give a brief on some of the basic pros and cons of this program, which would help you get a clear picture of things.


  • Simple-to-follow lessons for the young minds; step-by-step curriculum to ensure effective training.
  • Short and engaging lessons designed in a way that your kid would absolutely love.
  • Easily affordable for parents.
  • Uses the science-backed language systems of phonics and phonemes which have proven results in improving comprehension and speaking ability in young children


  • The course is primarily available online, which may make it difficult to access for all
  • The course is designed to engage both the parents along with their children; some working parents may find it difficult to do so
  • Program results may vary from one child to another (I suggest not comparing your child’s progress with that of another)

Children Learning Reading Program Designed for Whom

Following this program is not everyone’s cup of tea, it requires proper focus and concentration and also proper support from the parents. So, let’s look at who this program is designed for.

1. Are you a busy parent then avoid this program

Apart from the efforts form a child, this program needs full support and action from the parents to get better results. If you are very busy with your work and couldn’t concentrate on your child then this program is not for you. You need at least 30 minutes for each lesson and if this is hard for you then don’t go for this program.

2. May vary from child to child

Every child is different and has different capabilities, so, this program also differs from child to child. Please avoid keeping expectations before starting this program otherwise this program will look at you as a waste of money and time.


3. Online Course

The whole Children Learning Reading Program is an online course apart from physical books. So, if you are not a technology savvy then it will be hard for you to get the full benefits of this program. Make sure you have a proper internet connection, poor internet connection can lead you to nowhere.

Summing Up

This was my amazing experience with the program. I strongly recommend all mothers to try this program for once and see the results for themselves. Again, the results may vary from mine to yours, so keep that in mind. What’s more important is that your little one would learn to develop the habit of reading, which would take them a long way ahead.

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